Wednesday, May 7, 2014


Recently I've been discouraged. I would say it's gone on for approximately the past few months. Sure, we all get discouraged, but I've been discouraged about a few things combined together that just led to more discouragement. Some of these things were parts of my life I couldn't control, yet others were things I could. One thing I do know is that Jesus is always there for me and I should never ignore him. But I did. I set aside Jesus, and I hardly read my Bible, and seldom prayed for more than my food. I somehow convinced myself that reading my Bible wouldn't help my discouragement even though I knew deep down that wasn't true.

To be honest, I'm not really sure why all these factors were bothering me the way they were. In my heart I knew that God wanted me to read the Bible through this rough patch, but I chose to ignore that. All I know is that God is the one who I need for any situation. He is the one who can give me strength when I feel weak, build me up when I am knocked down, and encourage me when I am feeling discouraged. Sometimes when we feel that the factors around us are too strong for us to handle, we cave, we give in. We give in to feelings of doubt, denial and we believe these lies. Lies that we allow ourselves to believe because we have no answers, so we give ourselves to pity - I did that. 

I know that Jesus Christ has been my answer to every problem I've come across before. But I'm stubborn sometimes, I know that. I often look to myself for the answers that I know only God can give me. I admit that. And here is when the change begins. When we fail ourselves and we truly have no one left to go to then God is still waiting. He always has been and he always will be waiting for your call.

So, a couple weeks ago I began calling to God for help. I knew that my discouragement had gone too far. I knew that I hadn't read my Bible in what seemed like forever. So I asked God for strength, that he would begin to encourage me once again as I began to read the Bible, his word. God knows how to ease burdens like no one else can. Once you lean on him, you won't find anyone better.

Since I began seeking God's guidance once again, I feel more peace and fulfilment in place of my helpless discouragement. I know that things don't always go my way, but no matter what I've got a God that will stand by me through rain or storm, even in the good times, God stands by me. He stands by us all. I began praying again too. It felt refreshing - prayer and God's word go beautifully together. I cannot pray unless I've read God's word, and I cannot read God's word without prayer. 

So, no matter what life throws my way or yours, I want to encourage you. If you already believe in Jesus Christ, lean on him no matter what, he will be your strength! If you are doubting God right now, open the Bible and take a read. God's word speaks truth to those who read it. Recently I've been reading James and 1 & 2 Thessalonians. And I highly recommend taking a look at James chapter 1 and 2 as well as all of 1 & 2 Thessalonians. 

Romans 12:12 says "Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer." This verse sums up what I'm trying to say through this post. God is my comforter and he will be yours too, if you trust in him. 

God bless!